Sunday, February 22, 2009 it out!!!

If you havent signed up for what are you waiting for? I just did and I have to admit it was pretty darn easy, free, and fun too!

What exactly is
ByHand serves as a free social network for those who make handmade and those who buy handmade. Here's a run down of what you can expect from the site:

Artisan Directory
Member Blogs
Social Networking
Private Messaging
RSS Feeds
And more..

Here is a spotlight page I created within just a few minutes. Similar to Etsy treasury, but it lasts forever or until you delete.,com_content/Itemid,73/id,1544/task,view/

NEW products for you!

We are working up a storm to get our new products out to the public.
Our bath bombs made it to the store last week.
Already sold a couple on Etsy and hear is what one of our fabulous customers PrimitiveJunkie over here had to say about the BATH BOMBS!!!
I highly recommend the bath bomb for anyone with any type of dry skin problem, my skin has never been softer after a bath. I can't say enough good things. I will be passing your card out to my girlfriends for sure.

We just finished lip balms this week and working on labels for them.
If you have a lip balm fetish you will want to try these. We are hoping to have them on the shelf by the end of the week.
We're going to carry 5 flavors to start with.

Banana Blast
Mega Melon
Strawberry Splash
Wildberry Burst
What more can I say, YUM YUM!!!

Hope to see you all soon! I need to head back to my second home and plug away at more new items like the SUGAR SCRUBS that we will be listing on Etsy soon.